Locksmiths in Mountain View, CA

Master One Locksmith is proud to provide the following services in Mountain View, CA:

Residential Locksmith Services
Everyday, thousands of people in the bay area are faced with the inconvenience of lockouts, having their keys break, lost keys, & needing to install new locks. When you use Master One Locksmiths, your home security problems will be fixed in just a few minutes! Master One are experts in our craft, and ready to help with your auto, residential, and commercial locksmith issues.
Our technicians are waiting for your call 24 hours a day, so we’re ready to help you get back into your home, automobile, or business whenever a lockout may occur. No need to worry about contacting us when you need us, because we’re always here for you! When you call us, you’ll be back in side in no time! With all of our clients, we give precise pricing estimates, so that you know our pricing upfront. Because customers need help with different issues, we’re ready to provide a wide range of services to our customers. Our employees hold all of our tools in the vehicle with us, so that we don’t have to go back to our office to grab the tools we need to finish a particular job.

We have years experience and work to provide the best safety options for your home. We’re experts in repairing old locks, and installing new locks, safes, and residential alarm systems. To contact us, call our 408-412-7152 & one of our team members reach out to you and send a technician wherever your place of residence is immediately. In just a few minutes, we will fix whatever issues you’re having and improve your house’s security profile.


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Commercial Locksmiths
We are also adept in commercial security. We are constantly training and staying up to date with the latest trends in commercial security, including IoT. We sell state-of-the-art locks, residential deadbolts, & smart locks to assure that everything remains safe. additionally, we provide security inspections, during which we recommend products to bolster your security. We are very knowledgeable about top-of-the-line padlocks, installing video cameras, and access control systems. We can make recommendations for “push-pull” paddles, security bars, and key systems

Emergency Auto Services
Aside from residential & commercial security work, we also provide automotive locksmith services to our community. Whether it be a lockout situation, having trunk unlocking issues, or problems with your ignition, our team will arrive promptly to fix them. We’re also experts in replacing smart keys, laser cut key replacements, and keyless remote replacement to lock and unlock your car. We can produce these replacements for many different auto brands and models, so give us a call to ensure that we carry these for specific vehicle.
We have close relationships with the best known brands in the home security market such as Schlage, Kwikset, ABUS, and many more. We make sure that our entire team has received state of the art training, so that they can fix whatever issues you might be facing quickly & effectively without causing any damage.
If you’re within our service area, contact us by calling 408-412-7152. We don’t turn down any jobs, so give us a call today!


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The city of Mountain View, CA is a diverse community located in the heart of Silicon Valley and the bay area. Considering how well-known it is, it’s actually relatively small, with only about 75,000 residents, although the companies that call it home have had a profound impact on the world. Google’s Headquarters (called the Googleplex) is located in Mountain View, along with LinkedIn, 23andMe, and many others.

Despite the fact that many of the world’s cutting edge technology has been invented here, most residents still deal with everyday issues Including getting locked out of their car, needing to replace locks, and needing to engage in commercial locksmith services to protect their businesses.